The Stockdale Group

Services Offered by The Stockdale Group

Innovation and Creativity

Our strongest suit. We develop new and compelling ideas for organizations, bring new approaches to problems and issues, and craft strong, assertive messages. We help clients understand public policy and political issues and become effective advocates. Our clients successfully build and communicate excellent identities and images.

Stakeholder Communications

Today’s important mission for all organizations. We assist clients identify, reach and motivate every audience. We build correct databases and construct serial messages to build awareness, spark interest and gather support. Every organization has seven (7) key audiences; they want to hear your message.

News Media Relations

You will achieve good working relationships with members of the news media and become a trusted resource for news and feature stories. We help our clients gain exposure, place material and tell a good story well.

Local Government Relations

Obtain satisfactory results. That’s the primary objective for our clients who work with elected and appointed officials, staffs, regulatory agencies and other important public bodies. We know the men and women who make the rules and implement decisions and we work with them often.

Community Relations

Our clients participate in their communities and build a valued presence. Local civic leaders and influential community groups welcome the active involvement of our clients who establish model behaviors with memberships, sponsorships, philanthropic programs and leadership.

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